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'Days of Awe' Shabbaton Lecture
Rabbi Dr. Stuart Dauermann

L'maan Achai v'Rei'ai:  Changing How Christians and Messianic Jews Relate to the Jewish World

Saturday, September 23, 6-8pm

Referencing his recent book, Converging Destinies, Jews Christians and the Mission of God, Rabbi Dr. Stuart Dauermann will help us examine new ways for Christians and Messianic Jews to be bearers of spiritual peace to the Jewish world. At the heart of all of this is the One whom he terms, “the More Jewish Jesus,” someone with whom the neither the Jewish world nor Christian world have yet come to terms.



Derwood Alliance Church
16501 Redland Road
Rockville, MD 20855


The Workshop is in two parts:


Here we will explore why making peace with the Jewish people is a necessary precondition to bringing the peace of Messiah. You will nd yourself agreeing with Dr. Dauermann’s analysis, as he shows how we, who are charged to bring Messiah’s peace to the Jewish world, are actually making war against it with our mouths.


Here we will discuss how our message to the Jewish world is not often recognized as good news for them, and how to change that.


Copies of Converging Destinies will be available for purchase after havdalah.


Rabbi Stuart Dauermann, (PhD, Intercultural Studies) has spent his adult life founding new creative initiatives to close the gap between Jews, Christians, and the More Jewish Jesus. He served for 20 years as Rabbi of Ahavat Zion Messianic Synagogue (Beverly Hills), where he is Rabbi Emeritus, and is known as the Father of Messianic Jewish Music. He is also founder of Hashivenu, a Messianic Jewish think tank, and co-Founder of Messianic Jewish Theological Institute.

As Director of Interfaithfulness, he is currently engaged in developing and implementing a new kind of havurah for Jews and Intermarrieds who are interested in the More Jewish Jesus.

Dr. Dauermann’s most recent book, Converging Destinies: Jews, Christians and the Mission of God explores how Christians and Jews have been habituated to think of each other, and suggests a new paradigm to inform their transformational mutual engagement in creating a better world.

He lives in Southern California, with his wife Naomi. They have three grown children.

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