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Saturday morning Shabbat services at Beth Messiah are the weekly moment when our entire community comes together to worship, pray, reflect, learn, and share. Corporate worship begins at 10:30am and lasts about one and a half hours. Our worship ensemble fuses contemporary and liturgical forms in both Hebrew and English. The service draws its structure from the basic framework of the siddur. Prayerbooks are available (Siddur Or Shalom, a fully transliterated siddur), and members are welcome to bring their own siddur if they prefer.

We do an abbreviated Torah reading (typically one aliyah, from the triennial cycle), followed by longer English readings. As part of the Torah service, we also read from the Brit Chadasha (New Covenant) Scriptures. A prayer for healing is offered for members of the community. Afterwards, a brief drash is usually given by one of the leaders, followed by concluding prayers. Once a month, we share a potluck Oneg meal after service.


Childcare is available for preschool-age children. 

a vibrant Messianic Jewish community serving the greater Washington, D.C. area since 1973
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