• Robb Lasko

Shabbat Chayei Sara - Faith That Shifts Us Into A Higher Gear

by Robb Lasko ~

Over the last couple messages I've shared up here, I've talked about faith - what faith is founded upon, and what it looks like in the lives of God's people. In Part One I talked about God's covenants, that God binds Himself to His words and the stipulations of His covenants. God, in effect, says to His people, "This is what I did for you. This is what I will do for you. This is what you are to do for me."

In Part Two, I expanded upon the idea that faith is not merely believing something but acting upon what is believed, especially at a critical moment in time where the choice made will determine the entire rest of a person's life course. Rahab, a harlot of Jericho, was the example. All of Jericho had heard about the exodus from Egypt of a vast throng of people who were slowly making there way toward Jericho, which happened to be a city on the edge of the very land that HaShem had promised to give to Abraham and his descendants.

When Rahab one day came face to face with some spies that had been sent by the approaching Hebrews, she also came face to face with her crisis of faith: do I help these people whose God is apparently a lot more powerful than any of the gods of Egypt, or do I turn them over to the king of Jericho? This wasn't an easy decision. Hiding the spies would most assuredly place her and her family in danger of being caught and executed as traitors. But Rahab made a risky faith decision. She decided she would cast in her lot with the bigger God. And she was rewarded for it.

In this third installment, we are going to look into two key elements of Abraham's faith...

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