• Monica Roush

Shabbat Nitzavim - Law & Order

by Monica Roush ~

In therapy you learn about surface feelings and the deeper (real) feelings/issues. Surface feelings are the emotions that you often see first, but that don’t necessarily really tell the whole story. For example, when you encounter someone who is very angry, and possibly lashing out… it’s easy to focus on the anger alone. But if we take a minute to stop and think… we can usually find out that the anger is the surface emotion for a deeper hurt or fear.

I very much found this week’s portion to be similar. It’s really easy to JUST focus on all the things we’re supposed to do… on the laws and what happens if/when we don’t follow them. But if we take a minute to digest it all… I think that we’ll begin to see something different.

Maria Montessori said that “order is one of the needs of life which, when satisfied, produces real happiness”. So when I slowed down, instead of feeling bogged down by what I am supposed to do or not do, i began to see the beauty in what HaShem was asking from me. Ultimately, all of these commands aren’t meant to bog us down… they’re meant to enable us, empower us. To do what? ...

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