• Monica Roush

Shabbat Kedoshim - Creating Space: the Roots of G-d's Love and a Call to Empathy

by Monica Roush ~

One of my favorite college courses that I took was a class on Pre-Revolutionary Colonial America. Not only was the content delivered in an engaging way… but the professor (professor Bell) did such a great job in getting his students to really analyze historical artifacts and to see what story they were telling. He would post a picture of a couple of homes and at first… we all would notice that obvious (house, no yard, yard, windows, small, etc…) … but as time went on… and after a LOT of reading… we began to pick up on the small nuances in the photos… in the homes. We then later applied our newly found skills to deducing conversations from letters.

Up to that point in my life, I don’t remember having put so much thought into a letter. I took it at face value. The person simply said what they wanted to and that was the end of it. Boy was a I wrong! For our final project, we had to read the letters that Benjamin Franklin wrote his daughter and wife. Absolutely fascinating man! I’ll be honest though… it was tough for me. But it taught me something that I have taken with me to this day… that there is always more going on that what we see on the surface...

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