• Robb Lasko

Shoftim: The Humility of a King of Israel

by Robb Lasko

Israel's wilderness sojourn is just about over. They are about to enter the promised land. In this new land there will be things like property boundaries, permanent structures, fields to cultivate, towns and villages. In short, there will be societies. Ideally speaking, everybody will internalize God's Torah, the result of which will be to love and obey God, and to love and respect one another. Yet Deuteronomy 17:14 points out another inevitablity of this new way of life in the land: Israel will want to have a king set over the nation.

This morning I would like to look into the requirements HaShem set forth here for any would be king over His people. Especially I hope that we shall take note of the importance humility plays in the job description because we all should aspire to walk in humility. What does humility really look like? What are we referring to when we say that so and so is a humble person?

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