Tazria/Metzora: Yizkor - Talking About Death (with each other and G-d)

Two weeks ago at Beth Messiah, our worship on the last day of Passover included a special service of prayers we called “Yizkor.” We have done Yizkor before at BMC; we do it every year during our Yom Kippur morning service. Today I’d like to do some learning about Yizkor together. My hope is that all of you can teach me, actually, about Messianic Jewish responses to Yizkor.

First, some context: right now we are in the season of counting the omer, which for Messianic Jews is a wondrous and joyous time, as we remember and rejoice in the good news that Yeshua, after being unjustly put to death, did not stay in the grave but was resurrected from the dead, the firstfruits of a future greater resurrection and a living promise that one day God would defeat death...

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