Since its founding, Beth Messiah has been at the forefront of pioneering fresh approaches to Messianic Jewish worship, including being the birthplace of the worship group Israel's Hope and former spiritual home to worship leaders Paul Wilbur and Marc Chopinsky.


The creative integration of music and prayer continues to play a significant role in the life of our community. The Messianic Times featured Beth Messiah's current worship ensemble in the following March 2013 article (re-printed with permission): 

Beth Messiah's worship ensemble. From left to right: a percussionist seated behind a large bass drum strikes a cymbal; the next musician stands next to a large upright bass, eyes closed as he sings into the microphone; another seated percussionist holds a shaker in the air and sings into her microphone, a large djembe at her side; a guitarist stands and sings into his microphone, eyes closed. Three of the four have music stands in front of them.
a vibrant Messianic Jewish community serving the greater Washington, D.C. area since 1973

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